I asked Deep AI to make me a puppet Biden

 Why does Joe Biden have a Chubby?

I asked Deep AI to make me a Marionette of Joe Biden

It's the end of 2023 and its at the end of the year I have time to relax and have fun creating art, music and videos just for fun.  I've already spent a few hours recording heavy metal vocals for a music video, and since I was already using some AI tools for removing my vocals from the music track so I can remix it, I decided to wander over and have some fun with Deep A.I.

If you have never heard of Deep A.I., well, it's an A.I. tool with a text and image generating artificial intelligence.  The text feature is a bit low quality compared to say Google's Bard A.I. that I have been beta testing, but Deep A.I's image generation tool can be very fun to play with.

Sometimes the results are not so great, but sometimes it creates some really funny images.

So I decided to ask Deep AI to make me a Marionette of our puppet president Joe Biden in honor of his last year in office. (Check back in 2025 and you'll see I am right on my prediction that 2024 is his last year).

I asked Deep AI to make me a puppet Biden

I didn't give Deep AI any additional instructions other than the name Joe Biden. I did a screen capture just so no one could say I am lying. I was humorously surprised when it created an image of an aroused puppet Biden with a full on wood chubby in its pants. I mean, I couldn't have even dreamed up asking it to do that, I'm not even sure it would do it if I asked, since it does have some restrictions for free users.  Paid users can bypass its restrictions, but free users can not.  I do not use AI for my memes, I create my work in Photoshop and other artist tools, so the Deep AI free account suits me fine.

Hide The Children Parents!  That puppet is to happy!

AI Joe Biden Aroused Puppet

I'm not sure what's going on the those hammer looking hands or multiple arms, but every man knows what going on in the pants. It's a full on wood chubby, and that creepy smile sure makes Joe appear to be feeling some Happy, Happy, Joy Joy, for sure.

It will be interesting to see how AI evolves quickly in preparation for the end times beast coming in the near future as predicted by the bible.  What? You don't believe in the bible? That's ok. The prophecy is here if you feel like reading it.

Regardless, I'll continue exploring creative uses in the meantime, but it's going to be hard to beat this once in a lifetime aroused Joe Biden puppet created by the Deep AI brain.

This is the link to Deep AI if you would like to see how it works (Click HERE)