Randy Dreammakers Free Minecraft Bedrock World

Randy Dreammaker World Released

I've been working with RGAP Creative on the Washington Has Fallen Minecraft Adventure since 2017. A MAGA themed adventure focused on the presidency of an alternative Washington DC White House.  Though it's release date is still unknown, I am happy to announce that the Randy Dreammaker World was just released by RGAP Creative.

Randy Dreammaker World is a survival mode world that is able to achieve minecraft points which is important to many players. I felt this was very important for worlds I would personally create and release.

What is it?

The Randy Dreammaker World is for two kinds of players.  Those who want to play in Survival or Adventure game modes on their own, or those who want to do multiplayer survival mode games, either building together with friends, or for player vs player battles.

Can I upload it to my Minecraft Realms server or another Minecraft Server to play with my friends?

Yes. I built this specific world to be friendly for multiplayer fun. So it will work with an individual Minecraft Realms server if you are renting one from Minecraft, your home Minecraft server and other Minecraft Bedrock based servers.

What version of Minecraft is required?

Minecraft Bedrock is needed.  "Bedrock" is the version used on most devices, like Kindle, Android, Iphone, Windows PC, Mac, some game consoles.  This version was chosen because of its ability to play your friends over the internet without needing to rent a Minecraft Realms account or own a computer server.  The easier the better.

Note: Each update is being released in whatever the current version of Minecraft is, so if you use a previous version of the Randy Dreammaker World, your Minecraft may ask to update it.  Also, if you are playing on an unlicensed version of Minecraft or if your copy of Minecraft hasn't already been updated to the version of the most recent update, it may not work until you update your Minecraft.  Since Minecraft updates are free, this shouldn't be an issue unless you need to keep an older version of Minecraft on your computer for some reason.

How much does the Randy Dreammaker World cost?

You can download and play the Randy Dreammaker World for the amazing price of  $44,520,017 

Just kidding, it doesn't cost anything!  The Randy Dreammaker world is released under a creative commons license.  While it does have some restrictions under its license, which you can read about on the RGAP Creative website. It allows me to release it for free non-commercial use.

Here are a few early photos of the Randy Dreammaker World

New areas have been added since these Version 777A screen captures were taken, and new features too. I haven't taken new screen captures of the recent additions, you'll need to explore to find them and see them on your own.

RGAP Creative released the Randy Dreammakers Free Minecraft Bedrock World

Snow abounds in Randy Dreammakers Free Minecraft Bedrock World

Player VS Player Survival Multiple Play in Randy Dreammakers Free Minecraft Bedrock World

Its a beautiful afternoon in Randy Dreammakers Free Minecraft Bedrock World

The land down under in Randy Dreammakers Free Minecraft Bedrock World

This wall makes the Great Wall of China look tiny in Randy Dreammakers Free Minecraft Bedrock World

How do I install the Randy Dreammaker World?

The Randy Dreammaker world comes inside a .ZIP archive folder when you download it from the RGAP Creative website.

Inside the folder is a Minecraft Installation Image that has a minecraft cube in the center.  Usually you can just click it twice and it will open your minecraft and install it, assuming you have the current version of Minecraft that it was created in or newer.

The second file in the folder is an Adobe .PDF file. These are the current notes about the version of the Randy Dreammaker World included in the archive folder.  It tells you all the details about what version of Minecraft Bedrock that update was created in, information about changes and new additions to the update, license information, etc. 

How do I get the Randy Dreammaker World?

Hey I'm with you, I love to download free Minecraft Worlds from the Minecraft Marketplace and from Planet Minecraft to explore with my friends.

You can download the latest update and previous versions directly from the RGAP Creative website where they are being hosted and managed.