How To Watermark Your Product Photos

How To Watermark Your Photos

Updated 5-24-2021

Unfortunately, some marketplaces do not allow any kind of watermarks to be placed over the items you are selling, for example this has been eBay's official policy since 2018.
You can read eBay's official policy here.
eBay created their no watermark policy, when they decided to implement their policy that states that they now own all exclusive rights to the photos you use to sell products on their marketplace.  They did this, because they now use the best of its sellers photos for a product as the main featured product they show for products eBay, their third party partners and their photo catalog makes available to sellers who are just to lazy to take a photo.

If you want to break eBay's watermark photo rule, your best bet is to only mark a single photo and do not use it as your primary photo. Instead make it one of the last photos.

Similar is true for other marketplaces like eBay's top competitor, Mercari.  Mercari doesn't like watermarked photos or stock photos, but you can still use one in many cases as one of your alternative photos.  Again, avoid making it your top, first photo a shopper sees.

If you sell on marketplaces like Ecrater and EblueJay, then you can pretty much do whatever you want, they have no restrictions, and if you can get a sale on one those platforms, its good money, since Ecrater fees are small and EblueJay has no fees on the sale.  (Make sure to watch this video for important information about selling on Ecrater and EblueJay since they are not Marketplace Facilitators. The title say's it's for Mercari sellers, but it is about all online marketplaces, and is especially important if you sell on non-Marketplace facilitator websites like Ecrater and EblueJay.

Product Watermark Tools

The following tools can also be used to watermark your eBay photos, before you upload them for your description.



uMark (Software based)

WaterMark (Online Tool)

Alamoon Watermark (Software based)