Randy Dreammaker's Friends on YouTube

Randy Dreammaker's YouTuber shout out page.

I decided I would give a public shout out to my fellow YouTube Creator friends channels on YouTube.

Michael Stone (aka LavaKiller69)

I met Michael entirely by accident in 2015 on YouTube. I wasn't on Facebook at the time. He and another YouTuber had followed my channel back then after I did a few videos about how to sell online on my Hiking With Randy YouTube channel. I used to make goofy videos about hiking in California.

I had been trying to reach the requirements to become a YouTube partner at the time, and right when I did, I had no energy or motivation left. I was entirely burned out. Doing videos for YouTube was the last thing I wanted to do.

I don't know if I did a video about being burned out, or what, but somehow, Michael and the other person began talking with me. Michael kept encouraging me to hang in there and keep pressing forward. I really didn't want to, I was ready to quiet. I was only getting about 30 to 50 views on a video after five years. Michael kept encouraging me.

At some point, I decided to turn one of my YouTube channels into a channel where I would talk about marketplaces to sell things on. I had been selling on eBay since 2006, and eBay's Half since 2001. I had also been a top rated product reviewer for Epinions up until 2014. I knew how to articulate my thoughts in written form, I just didn't have any experience talking in person or in front of a camera.

Michael and I decided to do a live streaming video together. (The only live stream video I've done) and doing that video helped me decide to keep making videos.

I clearly recall Michael as a key pivot point for my direction on YouTube. I am absolutely positive that i would have stopped making videos and helping people on YouTube, if my path hadn't crossed with his. I am really thankful for his timely injection into my paradigm.

Reselling on the Side with Esme

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I met Esme on a Facebook Group. She had reached out to ask me some questions and we started talking. When I met her, I told her, "I'm single, so you'll need to check with your husband and let him know you want to interact with me, and make sure he's o.k. with it." I'd seen a lot of marriages ruined when married women became "Friends" with men online. First they became emotionally involved, then things went from there. I didn't want to go down that journey with anyone. I wouldn't want anyone to take that journey with my wife, if I had one. So I made her ask her husband for permission to talk with me. He said, o.k. and we became friends and are still friends. That was in 2017.

After a big shakeup in the Facebook Group we participated in for Mercari Sellers, the two of us started a Mercari Facebook Group together. Before long it began growing, and we had a very active and growing community. We kept it focused on helping the community learn how to sell on Mercari and make more money. I refused to exploit the group or allow anyone on our team to exploit the group to grow our YouTube channels or businesses. Not everyone agreed with that model, but I was tired of YouTubers and Facebook users trying to sell their e-books about how to make money as an online reseller. I already knew a lot of the YouTubers who were doing that. One of them wasn't even selling online anymore, but was still making videos acting like he was. My goal had been and has always been to lift up other people and help them lift themselves up. "Give a person a fish and they'll eat for a day, teach a person how to fish, and they'll eat for a lifetime." I don't know who said that, but I believe it.

After a year of running the Facebook Group we needed a larger team to support it. I made a really bad decision and invited a former moderator of the Facebook group we had left, to become an Admin in our group. Esme and I had formed the group and were Admins of the group, but we had different skills. Esme was the light and energy of the group, the face of the group. I was the technical guy, but I was burned out on life at the time.

Esme didn't feel comfortable taking on more administration duties. She didn't want to be the bad guy, and I don't blame her. But what happened is, the person I brought in to help Admin from the former group had their own ideas and agenda's. They were not aligned with the goals and objectives of our group, and before long, our group started to have the strife of the group we left.

My mistake was that in bringing that person in, I now see I undermined Esme's role as co-founder.

As tensions grew in the group, Esme and I had a falling out and she left the group. I was devastated, because I knew that no one could replace her presence. Other members of our team could and did try to engage the group, but Esme is one of those people who enter a room and it's like the sun comes through the ceiling and lights up a rainy day.

So I eventually closed the group, helped some of the key founding members get better situated with their own stores and businesses and focused my energy on helping others on YouTube.

I had been encouraging Esme to start a YouTube channel. I knew she would bring her energy and light to people who want to learn how to sell online through YouTube. Eventually she did, and her channel has been growing every since.

In 2021, after three years of thinking about leaving Facebook for good. I finally did. So, YouTube continues to be our platform to help others, and remain connected. Take a look at her channel and see if you like her vibe.

Yukinko Akira

Yukinko Akira and I meet in 2001. We are both musicians and fan's of a series of keyboards and instruments Yamaha corporation released in the late 1990's called the Yamaha DJX.

At the time I was running the Yamaha DJX Users Group. He and I have kept in touch every since, and our paths have often crossed online.

Akira lives in Japan (I lived in Japan in the 1990's and have been there three times). We never met in person yet.

Akira used a Yamaha DJX IIB called the "Groove Box", as part of his early public street performance painting. He called it "Rhythm Painting". In 2020 when the world locked down due to the corona virus, he wasn't able to do any public performances, and began showing his work doing commercial art. As a result, he has gained a reputation as a serious and highly talented artist in Japan, which ultimate has benefited him. I have enjoyed watching him grow as a fellow artist and musician.

Randy Dreammaker's Favorite Yukinko Akira Painting

Wutaii1 Nostalgia

Wutaii1 Nostalgia on YouTube
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I meet Wutaii1 Nostalgia in 2021 on YouTube. At some point he subscribed to the SellerThink channel. I think it was around the time the channel exploded and tons of people began subscribing to the channel over the period of two weeks.

I had decided to make the channels SellerThink subscribers public for the first time in around five or six years, and his YouTube channel appeared in the YouTube Studio area as a new subscriber.

I wandered over to his channel to look around and subscribed back, not because of the niche of his channel which I have no idea why people enjoy those kinds of mini-trailer videos, but he himself had some old videos were he was saying a bunch of random off-the-wall stuff.  I thought, this guy's o.k. so I posted a comment on a couple of videos.

I had only recently at the time, began uploading a few videos and exploring TikTok. The TikTok people on Twitter had really turned me off to that platform back in 2016 and so did all the hype about it being a Chinese based company.
So I looked up Wutaii Nostalgia on TikTok and he was being a total weirdo in them, which made me think again; this guy's o.k. So I subscribed to his TikTok.

After having left twitter due to its censorship practices back in 2019, and its uncensored out of control socialist propaganda accounts, I decided to return and use it only as a micro-blog for my channel. So we connected on Twitter too.

I come from a background working with children and within the educational field at an undergraduate university and also a graduate university, and I kept noticing that in a lot of his videos were a classroom, so I think that on top of his insanity was very relatable. 

In someway were totally unalike, but in other way's were very alike.  Historically, I've had a very similar kind of humor minus the foul language. It's difficult to come across people with this kind of humor, and most people hope to God that they never come across people with this kind of humor.  But it's just fun stuff.

Mid 2022, SellerThink and Randy Dreammaker videos began moving to Rumble video network instead of depending on Youtube. YouTube in recent years began heavily censoring video content and well, it had just become to much work trying to fight YouTube's algorithms with multiple re-edits of videos just to attempt some videos to clear the demonization checks for videos with content that appeals to conservative videos.  We originally were working with Uteron, which is a great video platform too, but Rumble has to our surprise, turned out to be a happy middle place for SellerThink and those who appreciate our variety of videos.