NEWS: PayPal Increases Transaction Fees

NEWS: PayPal Increases Transaction Fees

Updated 2/19/17

In Nov 2016 I Randy Dreammaker predicted #PayPal fee increases. Today Feb 2017 PayPal announced they are increasing fees. The New fee increases take effect March 29, 2017 and affect USA payment processing only. The primary fee increases in this initial roll-out are for Cross-Border sales, making it yet even more expensive for USA eBay and other marketplace sellers to compete internationally. Currently USA sellers, small businesses and online businesses have an unfair trade and export disadvantage due to the horrible US Postal Service agreement which allows China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and several other countries to export into the USA for pennies on the dollar compared to the costs USA sellers pay to ship within the USA.  Anyone using eBay's Global Shipping Program or Bonanza's Global Shipping Program through Pitney Bowes will feel the hurt as their costs begin to increase for all sales to anywhere outside of the USA>. Lots of other changes announced #today also
For more details visit PayPals agreement update:
(Link to 2017 PayPal Agreement Update Notice )

Watch the original prediction video below this one

Randy Dreammaker and Bob Moneysworth discuss at length, the latest
policy and fee updates at PayPal.  Find out how this will affect your
Global Shipping costs for Ebay, Bonanza and other marketplaces
where you use PayPal Payments to process your sales.

November 2016 Randy Dreammaker predicted PayPal would raise
its sellers payment processing fees and gives several reasons
and explanations for his marketplace prophecy.