2022 Piaggio Liberty 150 vs 2022 New Piaggio BV 400s Technical Specs

Piaggio Liberty 150 or BV 400s

Randy Dreammaker put these Technical Specifications together for you, while trying to decide on the Scooter he would ultimately purchase in Southern California, where gas prices are always $3.00 higher than the national average.

Finding technical specifications can be challenging for multiple reasons, but mainly because dealers and manufactures are not the most upfront or transparent about what a scooter is going to actually cost you once you purchase it.

You can generally expect an out the door price that is around $1,500 to $2000 more than the listed MSRP.

2022 Piaggio Liberty 150 vs 2022 New Beverly 400s Technical Specs
What you can't tell beyond that, unless you do your homework and are able to get hold of actual service manuals, is how much it will cost to maintain your scooter after purchase.  For a small bike 150cc scooter, you'll find the 2022 Piaggio Liberty can be more long term cost friendly than other 150cc scooters that require a valve clearance check with every service.  The average cost of a service that requires a valve clearance check is around $300 to $450.  The Piaggio Liberty requires a valve check after its first one at 600 miles, then every six thousand miles, where as its competition Suzuki, Yamaha and Honda scooters require a check every three thousand miles.  The New Beverly 400s has a similar maintenance schedule as its Liberty.

Price wise, the difference between the 2022 Piaggio Liberty 150 and the 2022 BV400s is quite wide at a $4199 difference. That extra $4000 gives you the latest scooter technology, all LED lighting, Large Storage Space and the fastest scooter in its price range capable of 95MPG+. In a comparison between the $7199 2022 Piaggio BV400s and the $8,499 2022 Suzuki Burgman 400, the Piaggio out paced the Suzuki in all conditions, especially at freeway speeds over 65MPH.  But is the BV 400 worth the $4000+ extra cost above the Liberty 150?

Both the Piaggio Liberty and Piaggio BV400 are freeway capable, with the Liberty having a top speed of around 75, but you would need to stick to the slow lanes and keep the distances short since its better suited for urban and inner city driving.  If you want to ride cross country, or you'll be using your scooter for work that requires a lot of freeway miles, then the build and speed of the BV400 may be worth the extra cost. Figuring out what you'll be using your scooter for and trying to guess how often you will actually use it isn't easy, and that can make the $4000+ jump to the BV400 a more challenging decision if you are budget minded.  Think about it, for that extra $4000, you could just about buy two Liberty 150's out the door price.

Randy created a comparison side-by-side spreadsheet to make it easy for you to see the specs and features of the two.  It is easier to understand the differences when you can see them next to each other.  This spreadsheet shows 2022 BV400cc and 2022 Piaggio Liberty 150cc specifications that you will not find anywhere else.
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