2022 Piaggio Liberty 150 Scooter VS 2022 Suzuki 200 Scooter Technical Specifications

Piaggio Liberty or Suzuki Burgman

Randy Dreammaker put these Technical Specifications together for you, while trying to decide on the Scooter he would ultimately purchase for use in Southern California, where gas prices are always $3.00 higher than the national average.

Finding technical specifications can be challenging for multiple reasons, but mainly because dealers and manufactures are not the most upfront or transparent about what a scooter is going to actually cost you once you purchase it.

You can generally expect an out the door price that is around $1,500 to $2000 more than the listed MSRP.

Randy Dreammaker's 2022 Piaggio Liberty 150cc Scooter VS 2022 Suzuki 200cc Scooter Side-By-Side Technical Specifications

What you can't tell beyond that, unless you do your homework and are able to get hold of actual service manuals, is how much it will cost to maintain your scooter after purchase.  For a small bike 150cc scooter, you'll find the competitor 2022 Piaggio Liberty can be more long term cost friendly than the 2022 Suzuki Burgman 200cc because similar to Honda's PCX and ADV, the Suzuki Burgman 200 requires a valve clearance check with every service.  The average cost of a service that requires a valve clearance check is around $300 to $450.  The Piaggio Liberty Service Interval requiring a valve check after its first one at 600 miles, occurs every six thousand miles, where as Suzuki, Yamaha and Honda scooters require a check every three thousand miles.  That means you'll pay double in service costs to maintain the other brand scooters compared to the Piaggio Liberty 150cc 2022 model.

Price wise, the difference between the Suzuki Burgman 200 and the 2022 Piaggio Liberty 150 is $2,000, with the Suzuki costing more. The 2022 Suzuki Burgman has not had any major changes or updates for several model years, still uses the older Halogen light, no-LED, traditional key for ignition. In fact the only changes to the Suzuki is it comes in three new colors.  Where as the Piaggio Liberty was updated for 2022 for Euro 5 emission compliance (depending on the source of the specs), has LED lights and a chip based immobilization key. 

The Suzuki Burgman 200 crushes all of the other 150cc to 400cc scooters in the USA when it comes to under seat and front storage space, other than the Yamaha XMAX or Suzuki Burgman 400cc. The Piaggio Liberty doesn't advertise the under seat storage size, only saying it can fit a full size helmet. It doesn't tell you if its a small, medium or large full size helmet,  The Suzuki however is proud to boast its large 41 liter under seat storage capacity.

Randy created a comparison side-by-side spreadsheet to make it easy for you to see the specs and features of the two.  It is easier to understand the differences when you can see them next to each other.  This spreadsheet shows 2022 Suzuki 200cc and 2022 Piaggio Liberty 150cc specifications that you will not find anywhere else.
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